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Limos Hire Melbourne is the proud provider of the finest Chrysler limo hire Melbourne passengers can rely on. Our beautiful, top-of-the-range Chrysler limos can carry 11 passengers, making them a spacious alternative to conventional transportation. At the same time, our friendly chauffeurs are knowledgeable and helpful, dedicated to giving you a luxurious experience you won’t soon forget.

One of the best looking cars on the road is, Limos Hire Melbourne’s Chrysler limo. Melbourne residents can’t help but turn their head when one of our beautiful limos is on the road; no other limousine in Melbourne can compare to the tricked-out Chryslers at Limos Hire Melbourne.

We’ve taken these magnificent machines one step further, doing just about everything conceivable to make our Chrysler limousines unique and even more beautiful and fun to ride in. With Lamborghini doors, Rolls Royce front grills, and 20-inch Chrome Asanti edition rims, arriving in our glamourous Chrysler is always going to make a splash. Inside, the Chryslers have been fitted with a number of exciting gadgets and toys, including:

  • Playstation 3
  • Karaoke Machine
  • Television
  • Lighting Effects
  • Sound Systems

When it comes to Chrysler hire, Melbourne residents need cars to be practical and easy to use. Fusing Limos Hire Melbourne’s innovative thinking and drive for perfection, we’ve made the height of the cars from the ground adjustable. This makes getting in and out of the limos a breeze, even if you’re wearing a wedding dress.

Call us on 1300 939 261 to experience some of the best Chrysler limousine hire Melbourne has to offer for yourself.


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